Anonymous sent: Really glad to see you again (:

Ah thank you! Im glad to see anon messages again :)

Anonymous sent: i went through to unfollow people like seven times in the last few months and every time i was like "nah man i can't unfollow nate"

Aww, that means a lot thank you! Sorry I was gone for so long. It’s been like 47 years

nebraskuh sent: NATE I MISSED YOU. Welcome back!!


hippofoliage sent: if you're back on tumblr i'm deleting

do it, you smell anyways


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similar posts -> here 

littleowlbuscus sent: Hey guess what. I love you

I love you too! (even though you smell)

Tinychat tomorrow!


Remember when Nate used to hold tinychats way back when? Yeah well guess what? HE’S GONNA DO ANOTHER ONE AFTER NOT DOING ONE IN LIKE 9 MONTHS. Dangit Nate, a child could have been born in that time.

So it’s supposed to be tomorrow 4/19 at 8:30 pm EST (aka 5:30 pm PST) so everyone who wants in on…

Anonymous sent: Whatever happened to the tinychats, man? I miss the peeplez.

I’ll be holding one on saturday, hopefully :D

Anonymous sent: i saw a screenshot i took of you hugging your little brother and it made me miss you and i thought you deleted your blog please come back

I remember that! Also, hi! I don’t know if I’m quite back yet but I will be doing some sort of tinychat on saturday! I missed you all, I just needed some time to get myself together with senior year and stuff

Anonymous sent: I MISSED YOU <3


Yeah, but have you ever read the terms of service? They have every right to change it back at any time if they choose too. No one has said they will, but with how hard they tried to get everyone to accept their original policies there is a chance they may go back to it in…

My playstation melting will happen sooner than that because they know how much customers hate the idea. They’re not stupid

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Except for all of the Big Brother bullshit Microsoft originally put in the Xbox One, and the fact they have every right to put it back in at any time without warning.

Nobody said they were putting it back…

Why would you buy an Xbox one

First of all, my mother ran into some money and she wanted to put something under the chrsitmas tree. It’s for my brother from her. Don’t be an asshole.

Second of all, Im going to tell you right now that everything you hear about it on tumblr is FALSE. Both consoles have their pros and cons. Neither of them is bad.

Fourth in line for the Playstation Four, and First in line for the Xbox One. ha.

Fourth in line for the Playstation Four, and First in line for the Xbox One. ha.